Those that benefit most from my coaching…

  • One to One Executive/Leadership Coaching – I work with successful and motivated business leaders who are interested in improving their effectiveness; enhancing their management style; improving results; and developing their ability to influence others.  I am passionate about developing emerging leaders!
  • Executive Teams – I work with groups who need to improve effectiveness or communication as a team.  I start this process with a diagnostic session which includes an interview with multiple group members to identify common themes and opportunities.  This gives me insight to design the appropriate program.  Topics may include communication; dealing with negative employees; change management; conflict management; planning; accountability, etc.

I typically coach within the following categories:

  • Influencing Relationships – strategy and communication
  • Developing Coaching Skills for Leaders – getting better results from direct reports by modifying management style
  • Improving Results – self-management and discipline with a focus on improving executive and team execution
  • Presentation Skills – building self-esteem, impact, and confidence
  • Rainmaking – coaching professionals to build their client base

In addition to individual Executive Coaching, I also provide group leadership training.

  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Keynote speaking

Typically, I will work with a department or division within a company where the executives have a need to interact with/influence each other.  Leadership training consists of monthly group training workshops supplemented with individual sessions. In addition to overall team building, training topics include:

  • Understanding and Effective Use of Behavioral Profiles
  • Communication
  • Time Management (Daily Disciplines)
  • Planning – from strategic to operational
  • Extraordinary Client Service
  • Sales
  • Culture